Dosing and Administration

SYMPAZAN (clobazam) oral film is available in 3 convenient doses2

SYMPAZAN is available in a 5 mg dose.

5 mg

12.8 mm x 22 mm

SYMPAZAN is available in a 10 mg dose.

10 mg

22 mm x 25.6 mm

SYMPAZAN is available in a 20 mg dose.

20 mg

22 mm x 32 mm

How to dose SYMPAZAN if your patient is new to clobazam2

SYMPAZAN is dosed according to body weight

Recommended Total Daily Dosing by Weight Group

≤30 kg Body Weight >30 kg Body Weight
Starting Dose 5 mg 10 mg
Starting Day 7 10 mg 20 mg
Starting Day 14 20 mg 40 mg
  • Patients should be dosed according to body weight, as shown in the table above
  • A single 5-mg dose can be administered once daily. For doses >5 mg, administer divided doses twice daily
  • Do not proceed with dose escalation more rapidly than weekly because serum concentrations of clobazam and its active metabolite require 5 and 9 days, respectively, to reach steady-state
  • Avoid abrupt withdrawal from SYMPAZAN in order to minimize the risk of increased seizure frequency, status epilepticus, and other adverse reactions

For full dosing information, including information about dose adjustments, please see Prescribing Information.

SYMPAZAN dosing is a 1:1 conversion with clobazam1,2

When switching from Onfi® or generic clobazam

Onfi or generic clobazam3 = SYMPAZAN
Tablets Oral Suspension = Oral Film
5 mg or 2 mL = 5 mg
10 mg or 4 mL = 10 mg
20 mg or 8 mL = 20 mg

Packaged for convenience and portability

Each SYMPAZAN film is individually wrapped in a child-resistant foil pouch.

Each film is individually wrapped in a child-resistant foil pouch2

SYMPAZAN comes in 60-count boxes; about a 1-month supply.

Individually wrapped films come in a 60-count box (about a 1-month supply)2

SYMPAZAN is ready to use, right out of the pouch.

Ready to use, right out of the pouch—no water or liquid needed2

Prescribe SYMPAZAN by name

Because of its unique PharmFilm® delivery, SYMPAZAN is non-AB rated and cannot be substituted. Pharmacy practices vary; it is important to prescribe SYMPAZAN by name.

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